Team of professionals
Team of professionals
Strategic development and mentor's support of non-profit organizations

"Team of professionals" - support and development program for non-profit organizations toward its professionalization. We share our resources and expertise under the program because we truly believe if a charitable organization has competent management, its structure will become more stable and the social effect of its work will increase. Without a clear mission, strategy, long-term development plan, diversified fundraising, ability to work with partners on mutually beneficial conditions no charitable organizations could not be considered a professional one.

We are working only upon inquiry of charitable organizations, with a trust in our expertise and readiness of organizations for systemic changes. We look forward to meeting organizations ready to extend beyond their expertise. Charitable organizations are put through rigorous application procedure with the participation of the Board of experts. After, we work at an analysis of the activities of organizations, identify growth points and, devise long-term strategies of development. This is followed by 2-years of work at the key ussies of the strategy.

Among the services that we provide to charitable organizations are: law and financial analysis and evaluation of foundation activities, HR consulting, training, and supervision for charitable organization staff, business education for charitable organization leaders at the Moscow school of professional philanthropy and partners, the mentor's support for charitable organization leaders, and many other things. We provide a strategic session for every organization which resulted in an individual supporting plan. Upon project completion, charitable organizations are evaluated by the criteria of the professional organization model.

Our task as a mentor is that the charitable organization becomes a professional one, at the end of a developing program. In this case, it gets on the platform of the Friends. We support charitable organizations in different ways, including further development and education. Thus, a community of professionals is formed, capable of influencing public opinion, public and private institutions, but most importantly - making significant changes in philanthropy.

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